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Photo Gallery: Winter Season Workshops & Events

Community Participatory Art-Making Workshops

CAC provides an exceptional series of community programs, opportunities for area residents of all ages and backgrounds to engage in a broad range of participatory experiences. In 2023 these offerings included, cartooning/illustration, graffiti lettering, bookmaking, collagraph, photogram and collage workshops. Sessions are designed and led by local artists who have a passion for connecting with area residents and providing expanded cultural activities that helps to enrich and enliven our community.


The Arts Enrich our Community

Your donations help to support stipends for our participating artists, the cost of materials and supplies for our exhibitions and workshops, improvements to our historic townhouse, and help us to keep the lights on. No donation is too small, please join us in in helping arts and culture thrive and grow in our beloved and vibrant Harlem community.



Our doors are open, please donate today!


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