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PRESS: “First Time Ever I saw Your Face” by ABC Here and Now

Research shows that Black girls as early as preschool are treated as someone older than they are, face harsher punishments, and are expected to take on more responsibilities beyond their years.

A new portrait project titled “First Time Ever I saw Your Face,” initiated by @thecoloredgirlsmuseum , aims to not only elevate the lives of ordinary Black girls, but to empower them as well.

Here to tell us more are Michael Unthank, the interim-chair of the Board of Trustees for the Children’s Art Carnival, and Olivia Smashum, an advisor to the Children’s Art Carnival and the founder of @blueoliveresort.

Olivia and Michael will be joining us at noon this Sunday 7/7/24 on ABC7 with more insight, only on @hereandnowabc

Watch the full interview:


Learn more about this open call and apply 


Learn more about this open call and apply 

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